Mobile Tyre Fitting Service

If you are looking around for a cost-effective way to repair your tyre, avail yourself to the superior mobile tyre-fitting service by Dunlop Field Service.
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Today, mobile tyre fitting is a convenient and demanded service due to tyre shops closing in the evening and that makes it very difficult for customers to access these shops or mechanics. Customers can’t get their tyres repaired or altered on the spot or on the same day, as they must wait for the next working day for these garages to open. The other issue customers encounter is that not all workshops are open on weekends, and the ones that operate over the weekend only operate within limited hours, which is a frustrating situation for many people.

Dunlop Field Service makes it easier to reach customers wherever they are at any time.  It is convenient and the best solution to provide mechanical service to valued customers. The van provides the mechanic with mobility required; and also the quick action with all the tools and equipment available to provide exceptional standards of service and maintenance.

The convenience saves you precious time so you can focus on other engagements while we fix your tyres. Our mobile mechanics are regularly trained to provide quality service and to keep up with evolving technology.Dunlop Field Service
Dunlop Field Service van will service the customers in Gauteng, and with time, it will operate nationwide targeting the major routes.

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